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The number one reason you take a product marketing training course is to learn what world-class product marketing  looks like for your products and your organization.

Our hands-on personalized product marketing course curriculum combines the best of the best practices from all product marketing frameworks, fine tunes them for B2B/B2B2C with common terminology and makes them simple to understand and adopt.

  • Self-Study Online Course & certification for individuals. Our 101 Basic Skills Course on-demand.
  • Basic Skills 101 Product Marketing Course & certification for newer product marketing teams that need to get everyone to a common baseline of value skills.
  • Strategic 501 Portfolio Marketing Course & certification for product marketing teams that are in the pressure cooker to differentiate.
personalized product marketing courses
Lesson Plan

product marketing course 101 Basics | Foundational Skills

Product Marketing 101 Basic Skills: Build a Solid Foundation for Growth

This hands-on, how-to workshop will give your product marketing team basic foundational skills to work smarter, not harder. Get your team on the same page with a common baseline of foundational skills, best practices, terminology, and artifacts. You’ll learn how to market the strategic value of your products with less effort and make salespeople more proficient with fewer artifacts. Grow your market share, wallet share and customer retention, and advance your career in the process!

You don't need to learn a bunch of other complicated product marketing frameworks to succeed. We've got them all neatly packaged into one integrated framework that simplifies everything.

Start with customer outcomes, not problems. It simplifies everything!

  • Live Virtual Classroom: Four Half-Day Sessions, $2,195/person
  • Onsite: 2 Days, $2,195/person
  • Self-Study Course: 

    Target Markets

    Introduction to Outcome-Based Product Marketing

    LESSON 1: Segment Your Markets

    A clear the definition of WHO means sharper positioning.

    LESSON 2: Formalize Voice of Customer (VOC) Structure

    Create positioning in a voice they already understand.

    LESSON 3: Facilitate Customer Discovery Meetings

    Using customer outcomes to uncover the "real problems."

    Value Foundation

    LESSON 4: Create Outcome-Based Customer Personas

    Convince customers they'll be better at whatever they do. 

    LESSON 5: Create Top-Down Business Requirements

    The key to consistently marketing & selling strategic value.

    LESSON 6: Outcome-Based Competitive Comparisons

    Differentiate with outcomes instead of features.

    Market Opportunities

    LESSON 7: Create a Product Marketing Roadmap for Sales

    Lead sales into your most lucrative markets.

    LESSON 8: Positioning: Create the Customer’s Value Story

    Say things you know they'll agree with and you'll be brilliant.


    LESSON 9: Create Marketing Materials That Engage Buyers

    If they're convinced you understand them, they'll engage. 

    LESSON 10: Create Sales Tools That Simplify Selling

    Easier for sales to sell. Easier for customers to buy.

    LESSON 11: Create the Situational Sales Playbook

    Less is more.


    LESSON 12: Execute a Successful Rollout & Launch

    Revenue, references and retention!

    LESSON 13: Structure Product Marketing for Outcomes

    Mirror your markets and customers.

    LESSON 14: Get Started

    The fastest way to get a few quick wins.


    • Take the exam at your convenience.
    • 2-hour online open-book exam.
    • 35 multiple choice questions.
    • 25+ correct answers for a passing grade.

    Product Marketing Certification
    Lesson Plan

    product marketing course 501 Portfolio | Differentiate & Grow

    Advanced Portfolio Marketing Skills to Accelerate Growth in Key Segments

    From a customer perspective, the strategic value of your portfolio is greater than the sum of your products. Ride that perception and learn how to create a portfolio marketing strategy that identifies your most lucrative markets and leads your salesforce into opportunities where odds of success are the greatest. 

    Grow market share and wallet share by creating and mobilizing the customer’s version of your portfolio value story. Engage the economic buyer, differentiate and see higher quality pipelines. Advanced Portfolio Marketing Certification included.

    Start with customer outcomes, not problems. It simplifies everything!

    • Live Virtual Classroom: Four Half-Day Sessions, $2,295/person
    • Onsite: 2 Days, $2,295/person

      Market Analysis

      Introduction to Advanced Portfolio Marketing

      LESSON 1:  Advanced Market Sizing & Opportunity Analysis

      How big is the pie, and what's a realistic share for you?

      LESSON 2: Create a Portfolio Heat Map

      A simple visual to find white space for growth.

      LESSON 3: Create Outcome-Based Executive Personas

      The value targets for executive buyers magically appear.

      Portfolio Analysis

      LESSON 4: Analyze Quantitative Portfolio S.W.O.T.

      Inside the numbers tells you what the market thinks.

      LESSON 5: Analyze Qualitative Portfolio S.W.O.T.

      It's the market's perception of your strengths/weaknesses.

      LESSON 6: Competitive S.W.O.T. Analysis by Segment

      Use your portfolio to defeat the competition's strategy.

      Market Opportunities

      LESSON 7: Facilitate Industry Advisory Board Meetings

      A clinic for gathering the highest-value business needs.

      LESSON 8: Define Strategic Business Requirements

      Customer outcomes shape your portfolio positioning.

      Portfolio Strategy

      LESSON 9: Create a Customer-Facing Portfolio Vision

      A clear and common value theme for all products.

      LESSON 10: Prioritize Market Segment Opportunities

      Objective marketing decisions based on quantifiable value.

      LESSON 11: Create a Portfolio Marketing Roadmap

      Lead sales into your most lucrative markets.


      LESSON 12: Creating Market Segment Positioning

      Convince buyers you know them better than the competition.

      LESSON 13: Create Marketing & Sales Tools

      Mobilize your differentiating value story.

      LESSON 14: Structure Product Marketing for Growth

      The perfect balance of product and industry marketing.

      LESSON 15: Get Started

      Get a few quick wins.


      • Take the exam at your convenience.
      • 2-hour online open-book exam.
      • 35 multiple choice questions.
      • 25+ correct answers for a passing grade.


      Learn and adopt at your own pace! Short videos that aren't scripted with great B2B examples and hands-on exercises for your own products.

      online product marketing training

      The Classroom

      • Personalized case studies for your products and your markets.
      • B2B and B2B2C examples that are relevant to your business.
      • Breakout sessions and collaboration with team members.
      “John has conducted several training workshops with the goal of helping us to transition to a more customer focused approach to product marketing & development. The Product Management University framework really helped us understand the importance of customer goals in conjunction with needs and problems. John also facilitated open discussion sessions during a customer event. The discussion sessions were extremely well received by our customers.”
      Global Marketing Director
      Product Management University Helped Me Learn! 5
      “I did a similar course with Pragmatic, but this course went deeper into things like addressing the “so what” factor and writing in the voice of the buyer/seeing the world through their eyes. The strategic, operational, and tactical understanding gave me a very strong 360 view of the target customer. I was already thinking this way but didn’t quite have the framework down. Thanks again.”
      Marketing Specialist
      Product Management University Helped Me Learn! 5
      “I’ve established a framework that helps our Product Leaders consider sales and customer outcomes in ways that are more portfolio-driven. It helps create value boundaries around products as well. It’s great to see practical training around these principles throughout the Product Management University curriculum!”
      Senior Vice President
      Product Management University Helped Me Learn! 5
      “I love the messaging framework because it forces us to think like a customer before we think about our products. John did a great job of personalizing his training to our markets and we walked out with a complete value dialogue for our newest product. It’ll be really easy to apply this framework to other products going forward. John is a great instructor and I highly recommend his training.”
      Chief Marketing Officer
      Product Management University Helped Me Learn! 5


      My top priority is that you understand how to apply B2B product and portfolio marketing practices to your everyday job, your products and your markets. That's why we do it together in the classroom so you won't have to figure it out after the training.

      product management instructor


      That's the whole point of our Customer Outcome Framework. To keep all customer-facing disciplines aligned to the goals and priorities of your customers so that everyone can do their part to eliminate the obstacles. For product marketing, that means the story you're using to generate demand is the same story sales is using to sell the products.

      Product Management Framework