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Value Skills

Customer success value skills give your team the ability to uncover and deliver quantifiable strategic value to their customers with the goal of improving renewal rates and growing account revenue.

Here’s what your team will learn.

  1. New discovery techniques for uncovering strategic and operational value from the top down.
  2. How to facilitate strategic account planning meetings even when you don’t have access to the customer’s C-suite.
  3. How to create a strategic roadmap for each account to manage their priorities and set realistic expectations without sounding like the “no” person.
  4. How to get customers to agree on measurable outcomes so your value can be quantified and QBRs are more targeted.
  5. How to identify new revenue opportunities and articulate the value of add-on products in a conversational voice - no boring corporate positioning statements!

customer success training
Lesson Plan

customer success course Value Skills | Training Course

After the Deal is Closed...

Once the sales contract is signed, customer success teams are on the hook for two things:

  • On-board customers with a product configuration that delivers the measurable business outcomes they deemed critical during the sales process.
  • Nurture the account to make sure customers continue to get measurable strategic value from existing and/or add-on solutions.

In this course, customer success teams will learn value-based principles and execution tactics for helping customers define success, then leading them to it. It starts with taking the handoff from sales and continues all the way through the ongoing account management and customer nurturing stages.

Start with customer outcomes, not problems. It simplifies everything!

  • Live Virtual 
    • 3 Half-Day Sessions, $1695/person
  • Onsite
    •  1.5 Days, $1695/person


Introduction to Value-Based Customer Success Skills

LESSON 1: Facilitating the Transition Meeting With Sales

WHAT customers need to accomplish and WHY.

LESSON 2: Creating an Outcome-Based On-boarding Plan

Exactly how our product will deliver the outcomes.

LESSON 3: Facilitating a Customer Strategy Meeting

The first step to developing a strategic partnership.


LESSON 4: Uncovering Top-Down Business Requirements

Identifying where you can deliver more strategic value.

LESSON 5: Creating Customer Success Roadmaps

Turn-by-turn directions for executing the strategic plan.


LESSON 6: Positioning Add-on Products & Solutions

Relative to the customer's strategic goals & obstacles.

LESSON 7: Facilitating Business Reviews

The account strategy is your jumping point.

LESSON 8: Getting Started

The fastest way to get a few quick wins.


  • Take the exam at your convenience.
  • 2-hour online open-book exam.
  • 25 multiple choice questions.
  • 18+ correct answers for a passing grade.


    customer success course Certification | CSM Value Skills

    Differentiate Yourself With Unique B2B Customer Value Skills

    B2B Value Skills

    Certify your customer success value skills and reap the benefits of a more rewarding career that will go as far as you care to take it.

      The Classroom

      • Personalized content and account plans for your customers.
      • B2B and B2B2C examples that are relevant to your business.
      • Breakout sessions and collaboration with team members.
      “I highly recommend John for any SaaS team that wants to move away from feature/function conversations to more strategic, value conversations. After John's training, we truly evolved into a better team by allowing ourselves to feel uncomfortable asking "The 5 Questions" over and over until it BECAME comfortable. When we started focusing less on immediate problem solving, and more on full understanding of the customer, we started to have more value-driven, meaningful conversations that ACTUALLY solved their problems.”
      Regional Director, Customer Success
      Product Management University Helped Me Learn! 5
      “Our customers definitely see us more as strategic partners now than they did under our previous account management structure.”
      SVP Customer Success
      Product Management University Helped Me Learn! 5
      “Thanks for the training, John! My team was invigorated by the content! There are so many CSMs out there that can benefit from this.”
      Customer Success Manager
      Product Management University Helped Me Learn! 5

      Your Instructor

      My top priority is that you understand how to apply B2B value skills to your current customer accounts. That's why we do it together in the classroom using your customer accounts as the case studies with hands-on learning. That way you won't have to figure it out on your own after the training.

      One Framework

      That's the whole point of our Customer Outcome Framework. To keep all customer-facing disciplines aligned to the goals and priorities of your customers so that everyone can do their part to eliminate the obstacles. For customer success teams, that means you’ll form stronger partnerships with your customers, grow account revenue and keep those customers longer because they're able to measure the value your products deliver.

      Customer Outcome Framework