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Your Trainer

Imagine the best of all worlds. 

A successful and well-respected colleague that understands your products, your business dynamics and all the nuances of your organization. Pair that with the most value-centric hands-on training curriculum on the market and you get product management, product marketing and pre-sales demo training delivered by one of your own people and personalized to the 9s.

On top of that, you get a framework and best practices that have been fine-tuned for B2B and B2B2C software/SaaS companies where quantifiable customer outcomes are the centerpiece and simplify everything you do.

The Consistency What-If!

What if your product management, product marketing and sales/pre-sales teams used the exact same formula for uncovering customer needs from the top down? That means you'd have a common foundation for building, marketing, selling and delivering solutions with quantifiable strategic customer value.

It's the easiest way to keep new buyers coming and current customers paying, and now you have complete control at a fraction of the cost of third-party trainers!

    become a product management trainer
    “I really like the focus on the simplicity and practicality of this program. The framework is excellent, and I think it really helps our team understand how to take strategy, make it actionable and see measurable value show up in their products, marketing messages and sales demos. Loving my new job as a trainer more than I ever imagined!”
    Certified Product Management University Trainer
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    Your Coach

    My top priority is to see your organization succeed with certified internal trainers. That's why I adapt our programs to your company culture and preferences. We'll do it together so you won't have to figure it out on your own.

    One Framework

    Imagine this.

    You're using one framework for customer discovery, another for documenting requirements, another for creating product roadmaps & backlogs, another for product positioning & sales enablement, another for sales demos, another for sales discovery, and yet another for onboarding & nurturing customers.

    If the thought of all that gives you a headache and raises your blood pressure, you've come to the right place for relief.

    Our B2B Product Management Framework combines the best of the best practices, fine tunes them for B2B/B2B2C and makes them simple to understand, adopt and integrate into your daily work streams across product management, product marketing, sales and customer success using common terminology and consistent practices.

    We've done the hard work to make it simple for you to teach and adopt!

    Product Management Framework