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The Presenter is Your Differentiation!

  • Differentiation that starts with your facilitation of the discovery meeting.
  • Storytelling that helps buyers envision greater success with your solutions.
  • Spoon-size scenarios that make complex products look simple.
Lesson Plan

Demo Course | B2B Solution Skills

Create a Greater Urgency to Get the Deal Done!

Your products have unique value, but it can easily get buried in technical, "let me show you how everything works" demos.

Learn demo techniques that will set you apart from the competition when you raise the bar on simplicity and context. Learn how to make your products easier to understand by making the demo all about the customer. Easier to understand, easier to sell, easier to buy!

  • On-Demand: 60-Day Subscription, $1,995/person
    • 51 minutes of video + optional exercises
  • Live Virtual Classroom: Four Half-Day Sessions, $2195/person
  • Onsite: 2 Days, $2295/person


Introduction to Outcome-Based Demos

LESSON 1: Discovery Best Practices

An insightful business conversation vs. 20 questions.

LESSON 2: Create Your Target Customer Footprint

Defining exactly how your solutions make them better.

LESSON 3: Frame Your Value Story Around Outcomes

Showcasing the strategic value of your products. 


LESSON 4: Create Demo Scenarios/Stories

Spoon-size stories that make complex products look simple.

LESSON 5: Create Situational Competitive Scenarios

Differentiate with outcomes instead of features.

LESSON 6: Communicate Company Value /About Us

A great way to end a demo. A terrible way to start one.


LESSON 7: Delivering Your Demo

Hands-on demo of your product using the new framework.


LESSON 7: Continued

LESSON 8: Product Weaknesses, Questions & Objections

Keeping everything in big-picture value perspective.

LESSON 9: Getting Started

The fastest way to get salespeople bought in.


  • Included with live and on-demand training.
  • Perform a 15-minute demo for your instructor.
  • Demonstrate skills learned from the lessons to get certified.


Certification | Live Demo

Differentiate Yourself With Unique B2B Demos Skills

B2B Demo Skills

Certify your product demo skills in a live meeting with your Product Management University instructor. Certification included with all demo courses.

The Classroom

  • Personalized content and demo scenarios for your products.
  • B2B and B2B2C examples that are relevant to your business.
  • Breakout sessions and collaboration with team members.
“I highly recommend John for any SaaS team that wants to move away from feature/function conversations to more strategic, value conversations. After John's training, we truly evolved into a better team by allowing ourselves to feel uncomfortable asking "The 5 Questions" over and over until it BECAME comfortable. When we started focusing less on immediate problem solving, and more on full understanding of the customer, we started to have more value-driven, meaningful conversations that ACTUALLY solved their problems.”
Regional Director, Customer Success
Product Management University Helped Me Learn! 5
“6 months after John’s training, our sales cycles went from six months to just over three. John has an incredible knack for making complex things sound simple and did a phenomenal job of teaching our sales team how to do it. I’d highly recommend John's demo training.”
Senior Vice President of Sales
Product Management University Helped Me Learn! 5
“Thank-you very much John! You are a great trainer and very knowledgeable about Pre-Sales. I needed work on trying to get myself out of ‘verbose’ talking and showing too much product. I have been doing Pre-Sales now for 18 years now and it’s always good to get good refreshers on items and have an independent observer give us new tips. 10 months later I’m still using your techniques today and they are leading to great success.”
Solutions Consultant
Product Management University Helped Me Learn! 5

Your Instructor

My top priority is that you understand how to apply product demo best practices to your products and your target markets so that you win more with fewer demos. That's why we do it together in the classroom and certify your skills right there. That way you won't have to figure it out on your own after the training.

product management instructor

One Framework

That's the whole point of our Customer Outcome Framework. To keep all customer-facing disciplines aligned to the goals and priorities of your customers so that everyone can do their part to eliminate the obstacles. For sales engineers, that means you're demonstrating outcomes, obstacles and solutions instead of problems, features and benefits. You are the differentiation!

Customer Outcome Framework