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Our Vision

Everything we do is about helping our customers grow faster and become leaders in their market by building, marketing, selling and delivering products that have quantifiable strategic value for their customers. Equally important is setting our students on a path to more rewarding careers with practical and proven skills they won't learn anywhere else.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver personalized hands-on training for product management, product marketing, sales and customer success teams that's simpler to learn and adopt than any other curriculum on the market.

John Mansour

Imagine your growth trajectory if product, marketing, sales and customer success teams were completely aligned to a common set of customer goals and outcomes with quantifiable strategic value.

Product Management
 builds solutions that remove obstacles to those outcomes. Product Marketing and Sales promote and sell customer success stories. Customer Success teams onboard customers to deliver the outcomes then nurture them to even greater success.

That's why I founded Product Management University, to unlock your full growth potential by making quantifiable customer outcomes the starting point for everything!

It all starts with product management. As product management goes, so goes the rest of the organization!

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About Us

  1. B2B/B2B2C Specialization. Because you have to apply common principles very differently in B2B. We've done it for you!
  2. Hands-On Personalized Training. The easiest way to learn something is to roll your sleeves up and do it. In our classrooms, virtual, in-person and on-demand, you'll experience hands-on learning that's personalized to your own products and markets. You won't have to figure it out after the training!
  3. Customer Outcomes Simplify Everything. It's our never-ending mission to make it easier for you to succeed in product management, product marketing, sales and customer success!
  4. One Framework that aligns products, marketing, sales and customer success teams to a common set of customer outcomes with quantifiable strategic value. Everyone does their part to eliminate the obstacles!
  5. Evolving With the Market. That's why you've continuously trusted us to train your teams. We practice what we preach. 
  • Founded in 2001.
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