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Growth Strategy

Is it easier for your company to meet its financial goals with a portfolio strategy to drive growth in a few market segments where you’re already strong, and then expand into other opportunistic market segments from there, or is it easier to have 10 silos with 10 products and execute 10 product strategies across product management, product marketing, sales and customer success?

Learn how a portfolio approach to product management can eliminate the silos, deliver solutions with greater strategic value and make it easier for your organization to meet its growth, adoption and retention goals without conflicting priorities at every turn.

Product Portfolio Management Courses

  • Portfolio Management Fundamentals gives you the core principles of growing strategically by market segment with real-world examples so you can decide if it's right for your organization. 
  • Strategic Portfolio Management is a hands-on, how-to workshop with the complete framework and supporting tools for quick adoption.
product portfolio management courses
  1. Personalized Training - You'll know exactly what good looks like for you.
  2. Customer Outcomes vs. Problems -  Keeps everything simple and strategic.
  3. Fine-Tuned for B2B/B2B2C - The definition of "customer" changes everything!
Lesson Plan

Fundamentals | Portfolio Management

Product Portfolio Management Fundamentals

This half-day course will walk you through the fundamentals of managing a portfolio by using quantifiable customer outcomes (strategic, operational and tactical) as the starting point to grow the value of your portfolio in your most lucrative market segments. You'll learn how to eliminate silos, redundancies, conflicting priorities, make better use of development and marketing resources, give salespeople a stronger story, deliver more value to the market and grow methodically with less effort.

  • Onsite: Half-Day, $795/person, 10-person minimum

    Portfolio Practices

    • Introduction to Product Portfolio Management
    • Making Customer Outcomes Your Centerpiece
    • Data-Driven Revenue Forecasting for the Portfolio
    • Using Portfolio S.W.O.T. Analysis to Find Your Sweet Spots
    • Up-leveling Advisory Boards for the Portfolio
    • Customer Outcomes, Portfolio Strategy & Roadmaps
    • Prioritizing Market Segments Before Products
    • Portfolio Positioning, Sales Enablement & Differentiation
    • Structuring a Market-Facing Portfolio Management Team

    Lesson Plan

    Workshop | Portfolio Management

    Pre-requisite: 101 Basic Product Management

    Portfolio Management 501: Advanced Skills to Establish Market Leadership

    If your product management team is feeling the heat to drive new growth, this product portfolio management course will make it easy for you to identify your most lucrative market segments and leverage the value of your portfolio to deliver higher value customer outcomes (solutions) that accelerate growth.

    It's like a crash MBA course for B2B product portfolio management, except it's simple!

    Market Analysis

    Introduction to Advanced Portfolio Management

    LESSON 1:  Advanced Market Sizing & Opportunity Analysis

    How big is the pie, and what's a realistic share for you?

    LESSON 2: Create a Portfolio Heat Map

    A simple visual to find white space for growth.

    LESSON 3: Create Executive Personas

    Watch the value targets for executives magically appear.

    Portfolio Analysis

    LESSON 4: Analyze Quantitative Portfolio S.W.O.T.

    Inside the numbers tells you what the market thinks.

    LESSON 5: Analyze Qualitative Portfolio S.W.O.T.

    The market's perception of you might be right, or not!

    LESSON 6: Competitive S.W.O.T. Analysis

    How well your portfolio stacks up in each segment.

    Market Opportunities

    LESSON 7: Facilitate Customer Advisory Board Meetings

    A clinic for gathering the highest-value business needs.

    LESSON 8: Gather Strategic Business Requirements

    They shape priorities across your entire portfolio.

    Portfolio Strategy

    LESSON 9: Create a Customer-Facing Portfolio Vision

    A clear and common value destination for all products.

    LESSON 10: Quantify & Prioritize Market Opportunities

    Objective decisions based on quantifiable value.

    LESSON 11: Create a Portfolio Strategy & Roadmap

    A single vehicle for communicating strategic direction.


    LESSON 12: Establish Parameters for Product Roadmaps

    Keep all product roadmaps aligned to the portfolio strategy.

    LESSON 13: Structure a Portfolio Product Organization

    Structure for growth by market segment.

    LESSON 14: Get Started

    How to get a few quick wins.


    • Take the exam at your convenience.
    • 2-hour online open-book exam.
    • 35 multiple choice questions.
    • 25+ correct answers for a passing grade.

    Portfolio management certification product management

    The Classroom

    • Personalized case studies for your products and your markets.
    • B2B and B2B2C examples that are relevant to your business.
    • Breakout sessions and collaboration with team members.
    “When leading an executive presentation for an innovation initiative, I found that Product Management University's customer outcomes approach to roadmap themes that I learned from their workshop was a perfect fit. It stitched together the "why" behind what we are doing and the customer-sourced insights I was communicating. This set the stage for taking the next steps in our process. Their workshop challenged how I think about roadmaps and resulted in delivering home an effective message of what we are doing and why we are doing it. I'd recommend you check John's stuff out!”
    Product Director
    Product Management University Helped Me Learn! 5
    “I really liked the focus on simplicity and practicality, and understanding where others may have pitfalls. The framework is excellent, and I think really helps understand how to take strategy and make it actionable, tied to value. Very well done!!”
    AVP, Data Product Management
    Product Management University Helped Me Learn! 5
    “Our entire product team took this course while in the midst of planning a line of brand new products and this could not have come at a better time. I’d also recommend having a copy of Managing Products to Deliver Solutions by John Mansour at your desk as a quick reference.”
    Product Manager
    Product Management University Helped Me Learn! 5
    “I really enjoyed how the class flowed. John would share a concept. We would then take that concept and do an exercise around the concept. We would come back together as a class and share our work. The teams would sometimes miss the mark with their work but that was ok. John would take what they had prepared and coach them to the right answer. I feel that I was able to retain more of the concepts of the course because of this practice. Thank you for the great course!”
    Product Owner
    Product Management University Helped Me Learn! 5
    “I really loved this course and the breakout sessions. This 3 day course was fun, collaborative and strategically simplified without a dull moment. You’re an awesome trainer and I can tell you have a passion for helping companies and individuals in being successful. This is a great addition to my Safe Lean Agile POPM certification, if not better! I would definitely recommend this course to my PM family in the Healthcare and Fintech industry.”
    Sr. Product Manager
    Product Management University Helped Me Learn! 5
    “I have twice participated in product management workshops delivered by John to product teams I manage. These have been very well received and have provided my team members with a great foundation of PM skills. John customizes the content to the type of products the team is working on, and makes it very relatable. These sessions also serve as a team-building exercise. I highly recommend this course.”
    Director, Product Management
    Product Management University Helped Me Learn! 5

    Your Instructor

    My top priority is that you understand how to apply B2B product and portfolio management practices to your everyday job, your products and your markets. That's why we do it together in the classroom so you won't have to figure it out after the training.

    One Framework

    How many product management frameworks can you realistically adopt while handling all the responsibilities of your job and still keep your sanity?

    If you're feeling completely overwhelmed by all the product management frameworks, agile frameworks, continuous discovery frameworks, Jobs To Be Done frameworks, positioning frameworks, launch frameworks and on and on, you're not alone.

    Our B2B Product Management Framework combines the best of the best practices, fine tunes them for B2B/B2B2C and makes them simple to understand, adopt and integrate into your daily work streams.

    We've done the hard work to make it simple for you!

    Product Management Framework