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3 Creative Ways to Learn New B2B Skills for Product Management, Product Marketing and Product Demos

learn new b2b skills

If you want to learn new B2B skills, it doesn’t mean you have to sit in a classroom (physical or virtual) for hours with an instructor, or labor through hours of video in self-paced courses.

Here are three creative ways to up-level the B2B value skills of your Product Management, Product Marketing and Product Demo teams and get them certified. 

1. Channel Your Inner Instructor

Here’s your chance to be the trainer you always wanted to be! You supply the wit, charm and facilitation skills and we’ll supply the course structure, lesson plans, content and hands-on exercises. All you have to do is drive.

2. The Book Club Format (For the More Social-Minded Teams)

Designate an hour every Friday for a meetup. Between meetups, everyone takes a lesson or two and comes prepared to discuss it with ideas and examples of how you’d adopt it into a current product initiative. 

3. The Team Building Format (For the Consummate Leaders)

Similar to the book club approach except a different team member facilitates the lessons each week and demonstrates their ideal way to apply a new technique or best practice to a current product initiative.

Choose your area of interest and enroll in the on-demand course today. Certification included.

If You Prefer Traditional Learning

  • Personalized Live Classrooms – Onsite or virtual, we’ll take you through the training in hands-on fashion and personalize it to your products right there in the classroom. You’ll know exactly what good looks like for you! 

Experience the easiest way to learn product management, product marketing, and pre-sales demos with our unique hands-on learning format. Be sure to check out our Product Management Framework that simplifies everything by making customer outcomes the starting point for building, marketing, selling and delivering strategic value.

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by John Mansour on October 27, 2022.