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Product Roadmaps – The Forgotten Part That’s Taking You Nowhere Faster!

product roadmaps webinar

Think of your roadmaps, backlogs and sprints as a very specific set of turn-by-turn directions. For the most part, your teams can execute those directions very well. There’s only one problem, and it’s a big one.

Where are you supposed to end up? What’s the destination? How will you know when you’ve arrived? Is it OK to just keep on driving?

Allison Maddock, Chief Product Officer at CSI responsible for 7 major product lines, Scott Craig, SVP of Strategy & Product at SoftDocs, and John Mansour, President of Product Management University, will discuss the ripple effects, good and bad, of having or not having a strong product vision and strategy (the destination) to drive your roadmaps and backlogs and how to get back on course to a highly desirable destination.

View the 1-hour webinar archive.

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by John Mansour on October 3, 2023.