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Product Management University Launches The School of Customer Success for B2B

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Learn Value Skills for Leading Customers Strategically Versus Reacting Tactically

Rock Hill, SC – February 9, 2023 Today, Product Management University launched The School of Customer Success for B2B. The school specializes in strengthening the value skills of customer success managers to elevate their role from tactical issue-list managers to strategic account leaders that proactively help customers define measurable success and lead them to it.

The School of Customer Success features the Customer Success Value Skills training course and certification. The training is a one and a half-day course offered in-person at the customer site or live online in a virtual classroom. Certification is included with the training.

The course expands the value skills of customer success managers starting with the initial transition meeting from sales to outcome-based on-boarding.  Customer success managers then learn how to proactively facilitate strategic planning meetings, create account roadmaps to drive execution and customer outcomes and perform account reviews. Lastly, customer success managers learn value positioning skills so they can articulate the strategic value of add-on products and services to grow account revenue and wallet share.

Product Management University personalizes the course agenda to each of its customers so that they know exactly what adoption looks like and can accelerate their own implementation.

Customers and Strategic Growth Plans

According to John Mansour, Founder and President of Product Management University, “customers are playing a much bigger role in every organization’s strategic growth plans compared to just a few years ago. The pandemic and a volatile economy have forced organizations to put a priority on measurable customer value.  Quantifying that value is the lynchpin to reducing customer churn, expanding product usage and growing sales of add-on products. Customer success managers are no longer laundry-list managers with a quota. Our training program helps them elevate their role to strategic account leaders.”

About Product Management University

Product Management University is a B2B/B2B2C training organization that employs a common view of the customer as the jumping point for all aspects of product management, product marketing, sales and customer success.

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by John Mansour on February 9, 2023.