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Keep It Simple

If you had $1 for every time someone said "we need to be more strategic," you'd be a retired millionaire living on your own island! Here's the honest truth.

As long as you're managing and marketing products individually and working in silos, your organization will never reach its full potential for delivering strategic value to the market! And you'll be working a lot harder than you need to.

Our specialty is product portfolio management training that teaches you how to harness the full strategic value of your portfolio with courses centered on strategic customer outcomes that can't be realized from any single product.

These days, it's easy to lose sight of simple customer value principles because there are endless deep-dive frameworks, all using different terminology, over-the-top best practices and complex, fragmented technologies thrown together like a bowl of spaghetti!

Our training courses combine the best of all best practices into one simple integrated Product Management Framework with consistent terminology across all customer facing functions to strengthen your organizational alignment. 

We've done the hard work so you can learn strategic Product Management, Product Marketing, Pre-Sales Demos and Customer Success Management the simple way and grow your strategic value to the market.

Personalized live training and self-paced on-demand courses. 

simple product management training
  • Product Management
    Product Management
  • Product Marketing
    Product Marketing
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    Product Demos
  • Customer Success
    Customer Success
“I love the messaging framework because it forces us to think like a customer before we think about our products. John did a great job of personalizing his training to our markets and we walked out with a complete value dialogue for our newest product. It’ll be really easy to apply this framework to other products going forward. John is a great instructor and I highly recommend his training.”
Chief Marketing Officer
Product Management University Helped Me Learn! 5
“I took John's self-paced Product Management training (and also purchased his book on Amazon) and loved it! The training is insightful, easy to understand, and a must-have foundation for any Product Manager. I highly recommend this training to any product manager or portfolio owner. Thanks for sharing your knowledge John!!”
Chief Product Officer
Product Management University Helped Me Learn! 5
“I was fortunate enough in a previous Product Management role to have a boss who wanted us to have all the best training and had budget to make that happen. That means I've done training on all the big ones and some of the lesser known models or frameworks. My feeling, after having been through many of them, is that Product Management University is the best.”
Head of Product
Product Management University Helped Me Learn! 5
“Thank-you very much John! You are a great trainer and very knowledgeable about Pre-Sales. I needed work on trying to get myself out of ‘verbose’ talking and showing too much product. 10 months later, I'm still using your techniques and they are leading to great success.”
Solutions Consultant
Product Management University Helped Me Learn! 5

One Framework

It's bad enough that most product management teams operate in silos. Throw in product marketing, sales and customer success just to add insult to injury. 

It's no wonder priorities shift with the wind and you struggle to get anything done in simple fashion. 

Our B2B Product Management Framework combines the best of the best practices in product management, product marketing, pre-sales demos and customer success and wraps them neatly into one simple framework for building, marketing, selling and delivering products with strategic customer value.

We've done all the hard work to make it simple for you!

Product Management Framework