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I’m a New Product Manage With No Experience – First 5 To-Do’s

new product manager

Your first 5 to-do’s as a new product manager!

You’ve somehow landed in a product manager job and have no experience or formal training. You’re completely overwhelmed, drinking from the firehose! What do you do first?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Join Jackie Flake, Founder of Option 1 Partners, and John Mansour, Founder & President of Product Management University, for a webinar designed exclusively for new product managers like you!

In this interactive session, we’ll walk you through our journey into product management and the first 5 essential tasks you should tackle first as a new product manager. But there’s a twist!

While Jackie and John agree on the first two and the last one, they have different opinions on 3-4! That’s good for you because you’ll get a Top 7 List!

Recorded 11/09/2023

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by John Mansour on November 9, 2023.