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Best Job Ever!

Think about the best job you've ever had and then imagine something even better than that. That's your new career as a product management trainer.

Here's the likely scenario. You've had a successful product management career. You still love the profession, but it's like Italian food. You've had your fill of all the traditional fare and you're ready for something new on your plate!  

WEBINAR: How to Become a Successful Product Management Trainer 

December 6, 2023, 12 noon - 1:00 ET

Become a Product Management Trainer

If you've always dreamed about becoming a product management trainer but didn't know where to start, you're in the right place. 

Learn from John Mansour, a 22-year veteran trainer, President and Founder of Product Management University. You'll learn what it takes to become a world-class product management trainer and public speaker.

3 Options

  1. Become a certified Product Management University trainer and deliver our training and certification programs in-house.
  2. Become a certified Product Management University trainer and start your own business delivering our training and certification programs to your own clients.
  3. Start your own training business with curriculum you've developed yourself.
    become a product management trainer
    90-Day Program

    Certified PMU | Teach Our Courses

    Deliver the Most Strategic Product Management Curriculum on the Market

    When you become a Certified Product Management University Trainer, you'll be able to differentiate from all the other players with ease. Why?

    No other product management training program teaches product management professionals the strategic value of starting with customer outcomes (instead of problems) to drive the tactical execution at the product level with clear value targets. It's the secret to helping your students deliver guaranteed value that's measurable to their customers!

    It's yours to teach!

      The Training

      1. Trainer Basics
      2. Learn The Product Management University Courseware
      3. Take the Certification Exam
      4. Acquire Your First Customer
      5. Mechanics of Delivering Training
      6. Deliver Your First Training Course

      The Business

      1. Set Up Your Back Office
      2. Establish Your Marketing Infrastructure
      3. Execute Mock Sales/Discovery Calls
      4. Executing Contracts & SOWs

      Ongoing Support

      1. Review/Audit Courses With Customers
      2. Review/Audit Marketing Content & Activities
      3. Promote Your Events
      4. Promote Your Successes
      10-Part Program

      Create Your Own | Teach Your Courses

      Creating Your Own Specialty Training Program - $2995

      Your product management experience has given you a lot of secrets to success in all facets of the profession, and now you're ready to share some or all of your vast knowledge with those that can benefit from it. 

      This 10-part program will first take you through the process of creating a world-class training program that's unique and different from anything else on the market. Then you'll learn how to get your infrastructure in order so your training business can hit the ground running.

      Finally, we'll explain our optional support program once you're up and running.

          The Training

          1. Trainer Basics
          2. Define Your Training Solution
          3. Message Your Training Solution
          4. Acquire Your First Customer
          5. Create Your Training Materials
          6. Mechanics of Delivering Training

          The Business

          1. Set Up Your Back Office
          2. Establish Your Marketing Infrastructure
          3. Execute Mock Sales/Discovery Calls
          4. Executing Contracts & SOWs

          Optional Support

          1. Review/Audit Course Materials
          2. Review/Audit Courses With Customers
          3. Review/Audit Marketing Content & Activities
          “I really like the focus on the simplicity and practicality of this program. The framework is excellent, and I think it really helps my customers understand how to take strategy, make it actionable and see measurable value show up in their products. Loving my new job as a trainer more than I ever imagined!”
          Certified Product Management University Trainer
          Product Management University Helped Me Learn! 5

          Your Coach

          My top priority is to see you succeed as a trainer. That's why I adapt our programs to your personal style and schedule. We'll do it together so you won't have to figure it out on your own.

          product management instructor

          Our Framework

          How many product management frameworks can your customers realistically adopt while handling all the responsibilities of their job and still keep their sanity?

          If your customers are feeling completely overwhelmed by all the product management frameworks, agile frameworks, discovery frameworks, Jobs To Be Done frameworks, positioning frameworks, launch frameworks and on and on, they're not alone.

          Our B2B Product Management Framework combines the best of the best practices, fine tunes them for B2B/B2B2C and makes them simple to understand, adopt and integrate into the daily work streams of your customers.

          We've done the hard work to make it simple for you to teach and your customers to adopt!

          Product Management Framework